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“Stand-Up Paddleboarding is the world's fastest growing water sport. A superb way to get fit, to explore, to relax, to have fun - it's the most versatile watersport you'll ever come across”

The Starboard Big Easy All Rounder Stand Up Paddle Board

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment

The Starboard Big Easy All Rounder


Big Easy
Technora, TAC, Camo, Candy, Blue touch
Length: 370 cm
Width: 81.8 cm
Tail Width: 16.7″ /42.6 cm
Stability rating: 9.5
Thickness: 4.6″ /11.8 cm
Volume: 205 L
Big and Easy, it’s as simple as that. Stable to paddle thanks to its 32″ width and great glide with the full 12’0″ length. The generous nose width and mono concave up front provides fun nose riding abilities and also lets the board paddle into waves with ease. The pinned out alt section with ample tail rocker sports good wave riding characteristics for a board of this size.
Very Stable with excellent glide, a great all rounder, well suited to schools and heavier riders and families. Also available with a full deck pad and windsurfing mast track.
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2010 Starboard SUP Catalog Online

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment

View the entire 2010 Starboard Catalog online or download it to keep forever.


View online above or download from the Star-Board-SUP website


SUP Surfing.co.uk

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Surfing the River Thames – SUP in the City

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Stand Up Paddling in the City.


“You’ll never buy bottled water claiming to be fresh from the River Thames!! While maybe not the cleanest water way in the world there is something special about it. Tower Bridge, London Bridge and Big Ben, the list of things to see is endless and what better way to see them than from the water. Tourists lean over the railings to see what you are doing and you are the talk of the town as you paddle past. Stay out of the way of the big tourists boats and watch for strong rips around the bridges, do that and you’ll have an amazing paddle. SUP is taking me on journeys I never thought possible……”

John Hibbard

Stand Up Paddle Surfing UK / SUP-Surfing.co.uk

Info & Pictures from Starboard SUP http://www.star-board-sup.com

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Team Starboard Dominates UK Stand Up Paddleboard Championships

October 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Last weekend saw the final event of the BSUPA National SUP champs held in brilliant sunshine at Watergate Bay with record entry numbers. We are pleased to say that Starboard riders filled the podium in all disciplines. Just check out this list of trophies our riders took home this weekend

1st Unlimited Racing – Ryan James (Starboard K15)
2nd Unlimited Racing – Nick Watt (Starboard K15)
3rd Unlimited Racing – Matt French (Starboard K15)

1st 12’6″ Racing – Mark Slater (Starboard Surf Race)
3rd 12’6″ Racing – John Hibbard (Starboard Surf Race)

1st Women’s Racing – Marie Buchanan (Starboard Pin)

2nd Mens Surf – John Hibbard (8’5″ Pocket Rocket)

1st Women’s Surf – Marie Buchanan (8’5″ Pocket Rocket)

Overall event Champion John Hibbard, winning the Watergate Waterman title for 2010

At the beginning of the year we formed a Starboard Race Team. The sole mission of the team was to support and develop the racing side of SUP in the UK. Events were getting less than 20 and sometimes less than 15 entrants. We knew there was scope to grow racing, it just needed some nurturing and some education of paddlers. Most people were scared off due to the perceived elitist nature of racing. Pushing this preconceptions aside we developed a team of paddlers who represented a broad spectrum of paddler from Olympians through to first time competitors.

The race team has been an outstanding success. Not only have Starboard riders been on the podium at every race this year we have also seen race entry numbers grow to 40-50+ in a few short months.

Racing is an easily accessible part of the sport and the winter will not be stopping the fun. The U.K community itself has developed the Frostbite race series – a number of race events to be held over the winter. Paddlers don’t need a race board to start with and everyone is really friendly.

Find out more info about the event one of the Frostbite series HERE http://standuppaddlesurf.co.uk/sup-events/view/52/5

Starboard Stand Up Paddle Boards UK

Starboard and Red Air Stand UP Paddle Boards / SUP-Surfing.co.uk

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Stand Up Paddle Instructional Video

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a great video to show some clear and simple instructions on how to paddle board. Basic techniques and how to start out.

SUP basic instruction with John Denney of http://jupiterkiteboarding.com

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Stand Up for Womens Health and Total Body Fitness

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

This is a great website with lots of information on the fitness benefits of surfing SUP style.

Well worth a look, with some introduction to SUP and Fitness Warm up videos. Mostly for women keeping fit.


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SUP: The fastest growing trend in surfing

October 27, 2010 Leave a comment

From the The Globe and Mail, an article on the latest craze SUP Surfing!

SUP: The fastest growing trend in surfing


CALIFORNIA— From Saturday’s Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Oct. 22, 2010 1:10PM EDT
Last updated Friday, Oct. 22, 2010 3:28PM EDT

Joe Carberry hardly assuages my Ontario boy fears of surfing in shark-infested waters when he tells me the two-metre-long Great White is nicknamed “Fluffy.”

Carberry, a few other locals and I, the lone Canadian, are about to hit the water for a late-afternoon session at San Onofre State Beach near San Clemente, located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, for my first crack at stand-up paddleboard (SUP) surfing.

Read more http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/travel/sup-the-fastest-growing-trend-in-surfing/article1768955/

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